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This is my page of translations and ROM hacks.
My current translation project is Glorious Light of Heracles.

Here is my latest patch:

 Download the menu patch 

Right now I have all of the menus translated. A monster name patch is coming soon and some screenshots. This patch will be a must have for any RPG game collection as it will makes the easier to understand for you poor Japanese impaired!

 Download the ROM 

You need the ROM to play, so get it.
Here is NESticle, the emulator I recommend.

 Download NESticle 

Have a nice day. :-)

For those of you wondering about what happened to my little "leet-ass" mockery, people were assuming I was really that way I suppose and I was getting constantly flamed. Here is an example of what I was getting. I hope the guy who wrote it rots in hell.

From: "Phelous OH!"
Save Address  Block Sender
Subject: Great Translation
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1999 19:38:22 PST

Yo Battsu your translation is a POS! J00 4r3 1337 s0xZ0r5! j00r tr4ns1i0n i5 4 kr4pj p00g4sik! TOMA is a way better translator! Battsu you are just a real geek! Get lost! Wow you can't translate for poop! Just like your Gryzor crap this translation stinks!

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Well, that's my story. I hope since I've only been here a couple weeks we can all forgive and forget. "Leet-ness" can wait and I will try to see if I can't do some pointer hacking or something advanced like that in the next patch. :-)

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